The Macao Photo Book is an online platform for the public submissions of photos related to Macao.

Submitted works must be closely related to the people, events or architecture of Macao.
By capturing the changes in the cityscape and people’s lives over the years, they should underscore Macao’s diverse precious moments.



Submitted works should be in digital format (35mm-film photos can be turned into digital files by scanning). The photos should be in JPEG format and at least three megapixels. Either colour or black-and-white photos are acceptable, but the file size of each uploaded photo should not exceed 3MB.

  • Remarks:
  • * Submitted works must be the own work of the entrant.
  • * Composite photos, watermarked photos or photos that have been edited by computer software will not be accepted.


Anyone with valid Macao permanent resident or non-permanent resident ID documents is eligible to submit entries except for staff members of GCS.

  • Remarks:
  • All registration information (including personal data and email address) should be accurate as such information is needed for entrants to claim their fees if their photos are selected for use.

Method of Submission and Identification of Entries

Works should be submitted electronically through the website of the “Macao Photo Book”: Entrants should provide their personal information when uploading their digital photos to this website.

Number of Submissions

Each entrant may upload a maximum of 100 photos.