The year 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Macao Special Administrative Region. Since Macao’s return to the motherland, there have been many positive changes and achievements in the city’s skylines and people’s daily life. Macao Photo Book aims to chronicle Macao people’s precious moments over the past two decades.


Submitted works must be closely related to the people, events or architecture of Macao since the city’s return to China. By capturing the changes in the cityscape and people’s lives over the past two decades, they should underscore Macao’s diverse precious moments.


Submitted works should be in digital format (35mm-film photos can be turned into digital files by scanning). The photos should be in JPEG format and at least three megapixels. Either colour or black-and-white photos are acceptable, but the file size of each uploaded photo should not exceed 3MB.

  1. Remarks:
  2. *Submitted works must be the own work of the entrant.
  3. *Composite photos or photos that have been edited by computer software will not be accepted.


Anyone with valid Macao ID documents is eligible to submit entries except for staff members of GCS.

  1. Remarks:
  2. All registration information (including personal data and email address) should be accurate as such information is needed for entrants to claim their fees if their photos are selected for use.

Method of Submission

Works should be submitted electronically through the website of the “Macao Photo Book”: Entrants should provide their personal information when uploading their digital photos to this website.

Number of Submissions

Each entrant may upload a maximum 10 photos for this special event (this number will not be added to the total number of submissions of the Macao Photo Book, which is up to 100 photos per entrant).

Period for Submission

Today till 31 July 2019 (24:00)


Date of Judging

August 2019

Judging Panel

Representatives of the Government Information Bureau

Number of selected entries

There will be about 80 winning entries, whose right of use will be purchased (the number of purchased entries will depend on the quality of submissions).

Right of Use

Purchasing the right of use

Once a photo is selected for use by GCS, the entrant will get a one-off payment for the photo’s right of use (MOP800 per photo).

Announcement of Results

Selected photos will be announced on the website (only the names of the winning entrants will be published and entrants will also be notified by mail).

Declaration of authorisation

Entrants whose photos have been selected for use shall sign a declaration of authorisation, conferring GCS with the right of use of the photos.


  • Winning entries of the “Precious Moments in Macao” Photography Competition or selected entries of the Macao Photo Book will not be accepted.
  • Entrants shall agree to the rules of the event stated herein as well as any decision by GCS.
  • The right of use of all selected photos shall belong to GCS.
  • Entrants shall abide by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.
  • Entrants are responsible for the right of authorship, the right of portraiture, the right of reputation and the right of use entailed in their submitted works (entrants must agree to this provision upon submitting their works).
  • The Organiser acquires the right to use winning entries for the purposes of official publicity, including publications, exhibitions and new media publishing, without seeking the consent of their authors or giving the authors extra remuneration. When a winning entry is used for the aforementioned purposes, the name of its author will be cited.
  • In case of any flaw in the terms and conditions stated herein, the Organiser reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions, as well as the right of interpretation and discretion.